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Sexy Ways to Spruce up your Halloween!

It's time to be dead sexy, literally.

It's one of the spookiest times of the year, a month to pass out the pumpkins, string up the lanterns and get the perfect Halloween costumes to make everyone gawk at how much you decomposing in all the right places. Halloween is not just a time for kids to go out to get candy. Instead, for adults, it can be an evening to loosen up and think of some spookily sexy ways to vamp up the evening for your partner.

"I would love to carve your pumpkin... (cheesecake)"

When it comes to Halloween Dates, our Unreal Escorts are simply dying to spend some time with you. If you and your escort want a night in rather than going out on the time, one of the nicest things you can do with your spooky partner is to offer them a massage.

However, on this sort of event, you can't just use any sort of massage oil or body butter. Instead, you need something that will truly fall in line with the Halloween Spirit. This is where your "Spiced Pumpkin Body Butter" or "Spiced Pumpkin Massage Oil comes into play.

Whether you want your escort to treat you to a sexy massage or to pamper her yourself, be sure to make your massage den a true haunted lover's nest. Decorate the area with spooky lanterns of vivid greens, oranges and reds, or even just use fairy lights to cover the windows. You can also break out some expensive candles and place them in a fake cauldron to give the room an eerie glow. Make sure that your bed or massage table is covered in something spooky, like lace or some fake cobwebs. That way, you and your lover can truly get in the mood before you begin to pamper them.

The Midnight Thriller

It tends to be a tradition amongst couples to simply stay in for a night whilst putting on a scary movie to watch with friends. But if you truly want to make something rise from the dead, then your movie night needs to make your spine tingle in delight, not just out of fear.

A film that takes people to the "demented heights" of sensuality, according to Empire Reviews, is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Full of sexual imagery, beloved songs and a marvellous Tim Curry, this film has a cult following to the point where many of the fans dress up in corsets and sexy outfits to pay homage to this cult classic.

So, if you want to make a sexy Halloween film party, why not ask your friends or beloved partners or favourite UnReal Escorts to visit you dressed in their best Rocky Horror Costumes before you all can indulge in some saucy film fun. You can even create some spooky popcorn or ghost snacks, such as spooky ghost hot dogs, to offer to your guests. It is also the perfect time to crack out those "Halloween Cocktails."

Get ready to sing the night away!

Are you and your "boo" ready with your costumes?

Like most couples, it's essential to find the most perfect costume that you and your partner (or escort) can feel comfortable wearing. Whilst most couples like to heighten the romantic humour side of dressing up with outfits like "deer in the headlights", where the man dresses like a deer and the woman straps a pair of fake lights to her breasts. There is no harm in dressing up sexy to be the most attractive pair stalking the night

The latest fad for a sexy pair is in Liquid Latex Costumes, where the couple can literally paint themselves in latex and disguise their most precious parts by painting over underwear! You don't even need to purchase a costume anymore and practically go out naked.

However, if you want to wear something a little less "natural" then why not indulge in some tight matching clothes, like wrestlers outfits, host and hostess outfits or even gender bender versions of cult classics like "Jessica Rabit." You and your UnReal Escort will be so hot you will practically outshine the jack-o-lanterns!

Rise from your Crypt and Party the Night away!

Halloween is a time of pleasure and excitement, to bring out the best tricks and combine them with only the sweetest treats. Be sure to dress up and take your UnReal escort out for a night on the town for a Halloween Feast of Fun that she won't forget in a long time!