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Top Haunted Buildings to Visit in Spooky Manchester!

The Spookiest Dating Venues of the Month

With all the jack-o-lanterns, stringed LED skull lights and cobwebbed windows out, you may not think that Halloween is the best time to take your UnReal companion out on a date in Manchester. However, whilst it is a very spooky holiday, Halloween is the perfect time to take your date out on a truly unique experience.

Although some may prefer a romantic evening consisting of a simple scary movie, if your escort or date is feeling brave, you may want to go explore some spooktacular haunted buildings in Manchester. They are the perfect "haunt" for any couple looking for a good scare, especially if you want to hold each other close (out of fear!)

Just under your feet...

Whilst you may think that all haunted locations should consist of haunted houses and abandoned warehouses, some of the scariest areas are hidden just out of sight.

Just under the city streets of Manchester lies a series of Underground Tunnels. These tunnels are passageways that stretch under some of the biggest buildings in Manchester, including the Arndale, Picadilly and even the Manchester City Centre.

With memories that are hidden around every corner, these tunnels are unsettling to wander around in, especially when you learn about their history and the spirits that potentially walk these corridors. Some of the tunnels are the remnants of a tube station that was never completed, others are a communication bunker and air raid shelters. You can even see the shapes of canals and even some older shops.

If you are brave enough to go further with your date, you may even stumble across the underground river and channel tunnels that link the Rochdale Canal and the River Irwell. But be sure to remember how to get out. The last thing you need is to be stuck down there with some angry ghosts!

Wythenshawe Hall

For a classic haunted mansion for you and your date, Wythenshawe Hall is the perfect Tudor residence to visit after the night falls.

Wythenshawe Hall is famous for its poltergeist activity and is as haunted as it gets when it comes to spirits roaming its halls. From the White Lady to the sobbing spirit of Mary Webb, visitors to the mansion often experience a plethora of events. This ranges from seeing the spirits themselves appearing and roaming through the walls, to noises being heard throughout the mansion, including the noise of crying, bangs, rattles and footsteps around the mansion. Some guests even have said that they have been pinched and prodded by the spirits. Can you imagine how much worse this will be after dark? It is the perfect time for a spooky adventure.

Brannigans NightClub

If your UnReal Escort does not really feel in the mood to visit a grand manor or haunted house, then you can still go out ghost hunting whilst having a night out on the town. Brannigans Nightclub is not the most romantic of venues, due to being a club, but if you can stand the cheesy music, crowded dancehalls and cheap drinks, then you can go out ghost hunting for some poltergeists in the venue

Yes, this club is haunted and its ghosts specifically target the staff as their victims. Some of the staff have experienced being pushed (sometimes down the stairs!), having glasses smash next to them and malfunctioning taps. Whatever this spirit it, it certainly likes to play with people and you will have a great time looking out for any spooky occurrences around the staff members at the bar.

The Shakespeare Inn

Once you and your date have decided that it's time to round up the evening, the best place to go to is the pub for a drink and relaxation. However, if you want to add that little extra fun to the haunted outing, why not visit The Shakespeare Inn to have a final hunt for ghosts.

The main ghost that haunts this pub is a young maid that was murdered by the chef (who later hung himself in the inn) who burned her body to hide the evidence of her death. She appears to guests as a blazing inferno at the top of the stairs and even leaves a smell of burnt toast in the air. This is the perfect place to round off the date with your date. Even if you do not see a spooky ghost, you can still reward yourself with a pint for having such a fun adventure on Halloween Eve.