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Blonde Escorts

There is a reason why the princesses of legend have all been blonde haired beauties. From Cinderella to Rapunzel, these girls may be of fiction, but it proves that blondes definitely have the advantage when it comes to finding out what sort of Escort you may want to meet. At Unreal Escorts we will provide you with top-notch service in order to find your dream companion so that you can meet them in real life rather than in your fairytales.


Studies Tell No Lies

Studies have shown that men do seem to prefer blonde women over other hair colours. In one study, a woman wore different coloured wigs to a bar and found that around 127 men flirted with her as a blonde, though only 84 went for the brunette and even lower for the redhead. This may be because a blonde can present an image of youthful beauty; a spritely personality that bubbles with charm and wit. This can inspire a feeling of confidence in the opposite sex, and will certainly appear if you meet one of our models, as their spunky attitudes can be infectious.


Rare Beauties

For our blonde escorts, their appearance is everything in regards to how they want to present themselves to the world. Like most of the escort at Unreal Escorts, they want to appear as unique treasures that are only available for the right client. Being born with blonde hair can be a true gift, with only around 1 in 100 women having this trait. This is why many women choose to dye their hair blonde rather than stick to their natural colour.

For men, this only makes our blonde escorts more enticing. The fact that a man can spend time with such a rare beauty makes the reward far more worthwhile. This perk in confidence is priceless and Unreal Escorts are more than happy to help you gain a new sense of wonder through dating.

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Confidence is Key

Another reason for dating a blonde escort may be in relation to how confident men feel with women. Each hair colour presents a different personality, though the blonde-haired stereotype appears as more open and friendly compared to a brunette's shade. You may think that when you see a brunette having a drinking a bar that she is serious and may not want to be disturbed. A blonde escort, however, has an approachable demeanour and is sure to fill her date with confidence.


A Dazzling Sheen

It’s clear why men prefer pretty blonde girls over brunettes and redheads. These girls are easy and fun, casting a golden light on everything their glow lands on. The only reason why men prefer pretty blonde girls is because they are fun for the moment. For a long time, males have always gone for things that stand out and sparkle, and blonde women are the epitome of beauty and uniqueness, making them effectively irresistible.


Most men like shiny things, from their cars to their clothes, and their taste in women are no different. Blonde Escorts have the knowledge of understanding that their hair can turn them into a status symbol, especially in terms of a man's wealth and power. They are the perfect companion to bring to a conference or business meeting, as your rivals will be left frothing at the mouth in jealousy.

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Whether you just need a friend to talk to, want to reduce your stress levels or regain confidence in a previously stagnant dating life, then a blonde escort can be the perfect way of regaining your spirit. Unreal Escorts are here to help you find your perfect match with our professional services. Call us today to arrange your meeting now by calling 07340 991817.