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What makes a date with a Brunette escort so arousing?

When you are ready to book a new date with an Unreal Escort, you may think that blonds have all the fun, so are worth more of your time. However, once you meet one of our brunette babes, you will see that it is certainly worth exploring all that beauties that UnReal has to offer you.

The Spark of Intelligence

Whilst taking a brunette escort out on a date may appear a bit more common than a blond escort, as brunettes do make up the majority of the world's population with a massive 90%. However, a brunette escort can bring with her a sense of intelligence and professionalism, as the strong appearance that she has been educated. There's a reason why the dumb-blond stereotype does exist, which is why, whilst this statement isn't exactly true, all of our escorts have been trained to be effective communicators. With their own tastes and interests, a dining experience with them is sure to leave you more than impressed, and dying to see them again.

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Confidence and Command

When you see a brunette woman in business, you can tell that she is confident and in control of who she speaks to, what she wears and who she is doing business with. A brunette model always has an aura of "she who-shall-not-be-touched", thus this impenetrable barrier makes them far more appealing, especially as they always appear to have a strong air of mystery around this. It is to the point where a study on theTalko showed that around 67% of men believed that brunettes are self-sufficient, whilst 40% believed that blondes were too needed and dependent on them.

A woman with confidence is what a man should look for in his escorts, especially if he is interested in taking them to a conference. His companion should look as strong as he does, thus united you and one of our brunette escorts could make a fantastic power couple.


Mature and Elegant Appearances

A Brunette Escort can not only appear to have a strong sense of confidence, but they can also look more mature than a "ditzy" blond or a "wild" redhead. When going on a date to a sophisticated restaurant or to get quiet drinks, you do not want an escort that may be rowdy in an upper-classed establishment. Depending on your tastes, you may be interested in an escort that can hold her own when it comes to conversation, as well as look good in any tight formal dress. A brunette is one that can look both beautiful and act charming; the perfect package for any man.


A Classy Identity

When you think of what a brunette escort will wear compared to a blond escort, you immediately see a brunette woman with a tailored outfit, high cut heels and an impeccable hairstyle. Whilst a blond may only wear cheap patterns, red lipstick on a brunette is sure to stand out due to her dark hair. This shows that whilst she does have a charming erotic appeal, she knows how to keep it classy instead of being over the top and crude.

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