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Curvy Escorts

Curvy Escorts always know how to treat a man! Get ready to book one of them today.

From their voluptuous frames to their fantastic hugs, who on earth wouldn't want to take a curvy companion out on a date? The saying "more to love" is there for a reason! Here are some reasons to take out you curved hottie today instead of a settling for a slender frame.

Cuddle Worthy Bodies

A stereotypical dating scenario between a man and a woman usually involves a very strong man, whilst the woman is softer in their appearance and personality. The last thing you want when you finally hug your escort is to feel her hard elbows or boney chin pressing into your shoulder or body.

Instead, by cuddling a curvy companion, you will be able to take full advantage of feeling her curves against you. You can only find a gorgeous set of breasts on a curvy woman, and for every man, it is heaven to feel them pressed up against you. The attraction of this asset to men is obvious, especially in regards to sociological breast studies. French Researchers even set up a fitted woman with various sizes of padded bras to monitor who spoke to them in a cafe. As their bra size increased, so did the number of men that approached them.

So feel free to indulge in as many cuddles as you like with your escort. They are the perfect package to rest on your arm

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Every curvy girl knows that she has a fantastic body, from her breasts to her butt, and wants to do nothing else but show it off. This empowers them to look their best and also show off as much of their assets as they can without being seen as crude. With more fat on their bodies, this means they look more womanly than any smaller sized women. With gorgeous legs, a plump derriere and a waist that is moulded by their sophisticated clothes to bring more attention to their cleavage, they are always ready for a night out looking their best. By dating a curvy escort, you know that you are only going to get the classiest of girls on your date

Calories? What are they?

Unlike a skinny girl on a diet, curvy girls have a no-nonsense attitude towards food and are happy to indulge in only the tastiest of meals. That means that they are more than ready to experience some of the most exotic cuisines that London has to offer. No man wants their escort to finish their dinner an hour before they have, for instance, if they have a salad whilst the date indulges in a steak, and this can actually make your male companion nervous. It always makes it a more comfortable experience if you both are able to eat together. Curvier girls also tend to be fantastic cooks and any curvier escort would be more than happy to cook you a meal if you ask nicely.

Curvy is Classic

If you look at any sexual icon, you will see that they all have had curves to die for. The Venus Di Milo was certainly not a size 0, and neither should your escort. Chubby thighs and a wide frame have subconsciously been seen as being more fertile, and thus can inadvertently be more attractive to men. Your date is a healthy size and knows how to flaunt off her gorgeous form. Treat her like the Queen she is!

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Get ready to meet your Curvy Escort Today!

Instead of selecting a skeleton for a date, why not go for the epitome of womanhood in a curvy escort! You will adore their curves and sense of humour, as well as their smiles. When you are ready to indulge in your date then feel free to contact UnReal Escorts today either via our online booking system, an email or through a quick phone call. We look forward to hearing from you soon.